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The company was seeded as proprietary unit envisioned by Chemical Engineer, Mr. Ajay Gupta, a polymeric chemist who was working on self sticking gel for the Automobile Industry to affix mobile phones. He saw an unprecedented market consumption of the product and visualizes the potential of ‘unique solutions for multiple utility’ will only survive in evolving global village. Accordingly, he conducted his market survey and thereby understood uniqueness and growth potential of market of elastomeric gel in starting of new millennium. Accordingly,  R&D work which was started accidently, thereby invested upon by personal funding and evolved first generation gel, referred as Comfi Gel. However this was synthetic and does not possess significant elastomeric behavior while maintaining required cushioning. Herein another plant scientist initiated her work by extensive knowledge of starch, various organic oils & how they behave in nature to constitute skin of leaf to humans. This hypothesis of chasing nature's plan to manage cushioning with different body parts of human body as well as various parts of plant at different stages of growth provided a significant boost and required direction.   With dedicated effort of last two decades, extensive R&D, Medigel® was evolved and capturing multi-dimensional market space especially in Operation Theatre Positioning Devices. A range of product series are developed under the umbrella of Gel Craft Healthcare (P) Limited. The technology is developed and protected by these two scientist(s), chemical engineer (Indian citizen) and Canadian plant scientist (of Indian origin) under technology umbrella of SR Creations, Canada. 


“We believe path may lead to obvious goals but let’s try to make new paths that can leave trails for future generations”

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For those who are tasked to develop innovative solutions for healthcare, patient's safety during surgeries and beyond, lifestyle care with one mission- quality ensures safety!

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With combined background of engineering, chemical formulation, financial analyst along with core team of experienced scientists, highly skilled advisors & consultants across the global evolved during this timeline aid in designing ‘innovative products’ from simplistic ideas supports company’s novel initiatives. The team include(s) Material Specialists, Life Sciences/ Plant Scientist(s), Medical Professionals with Engineering background, Knowledge Management Specialist(s), IT specialists and hand holding support provided by team of Defence Research and Development Organization, Government of India (as per clause of Transfer of Technology: Ultraswacch in 2020) towards a common vision of ‘high quality healthcare infrastructure’ at affordable costs for world.

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