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Patient Safety

Patient Safety comprising of all actions, products, systems, processes, SOPs and in brief, complete health care infrastructure. The prime aim of our Company is to develop unique solutions for Patient Safety in multiple domains. It includes devices to (a) prevent bed sores during prolonged surgeries (OT Positioning Devices); (b) prevent spread of infection from infected victim; (c) provide infection control measures in wards, ICUs and OTs; & (d) indoor air quality management to reduce occupational hazards etc. 


Taaran (Safe Passage) Patient Transfer System

A unique devices developed under Ultraswachh technological initiative in which standard Wheel chair is modified ensuring that each breath of infected victim is captured, filtered and sterilized using SPACE Filter and patient is provided with medical grade air. Extreme useful devices in  intra-departmental transfer  as well Triage areas. Received excellent feedback during its installation at DRDO's first 'built up' hospital to manage COVID emergencies in Delhi=NCR region in year 2020.   


All these technologies are either updated or developed under Ultraswachh Technological Initiative of DRDO. Explore it at


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