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SR Creations is Global Technical Partner of GC Healthcare (India) in research & development, ideation & project development, technological innovation to commercialization, branding & facilitate knowledge management to all national & global partners covering multiple locations across the world. This partnership company is owned by inventors of "Medigel" technology in which research scientist(s) of SR Creations, Canada holds rights on technology while manufacturing base is GC Healthcare (India). 


We works on promotion of youth to realize their dreams at multiple stages of inventions to realistic utilization at ground level.


We provide bridges between industries of multiple countries using 'circular economic' principles of management.  

Our other ventures include Ultraswachh, Motolance and the list is increasing day by day. Join our group to develop, sell and distribute multiple innovative technologies across the globe.  

Let’s Work Together

101-A 425 Keevil Crescent  

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 

Canada, SK S7N 4R9

Whatsapp:  +1 639 994-7512

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