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Hot Operation Theatres: What's New?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Operation Theatres that manages contaminated or infectious patients (referred as hot patients) during emergencies are Hot Operation Theatres. It require devices that can be decontaminated/ disinfected without losing any functional efficacy, Medigel OT Positioners fits perfectly into this requirement.

Every OT is hot in terms of dealing with patients in microbial free environment. However, herein Hot referred to management of victims / patients that are exposed to chemical warfare/ industrial or radioactive agents or infected by communicable pathogen/ microbe. In former care they are extremely vulnerable to microbial infection while in latter they can even cause infection to others. Even at normal incidence rate, the incidence of postoperative infections reported among the developed countries like UK and USA was approximately 5% and 5–6%, whereas in developing countries like India it is much higher, accounting for approximately 10–25% ( Bali & Coworkers, 2014; Lissovoy et al., 2009);

Chapter 13 of "Innovations in Health Care Management" described the concept of Hot Operation Theatres ”[Explore:].

The critical aspect that items available in Operation Theatre needs to be disinfected even if the OT is not handling any contaminated or infected victim as per Infectious Control Guidelines. Post Surgical infections involving nosocomial pathogens is emerging at rapid rate, even accounts for deaths. Medigel aka Viscoelastic Gel doesn't allow any growth of microbe thereby effectively useful as per Infectious Control Guidelines, however the same is upgraded under DRDO's Ultraswachh initiative to even effective for Hot Operation Theatres.

“Viscoelastic Gel with Covid Coat+ is coated with anti-microbial solution that are tested against nosocomial pathogens and thus provide an edge in industry of Positioning Devices”

Under this initiative, a series of Indigenous Disinfection Devices are present. Surgical site infections (SSIs) are serious operative complications that occur in approximately 2% of surgical procedures and account for some 20% of health care-associated infections. Thus, using technologies that itself doesn't contribute towards such infection is need of the hour. Further traumatic patients with radiological exposure require immediate surgery within first 48 hours prior to which their immune system starts compromising. In case of mass casualty events, OTs will be treating such patients directly with/ without being decontaminated completely. In such cases, Medigel OT Positioning Devices being useful in both ways: with / without film as well as decontaminated easily (as hydrophobic in nature) are ideal for Hot Operation Theatres.

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