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Image by Greg Rosenke

Film Encapsulated : (Medigel) vs. (Jelly Filled) 

Medigel aka Viscoelastic Gel with Covid Coat+ are available in film based forms which are significantly differs from commercially available counterparts in which jelly type polymer is encapsulated in films. 

Partial Pressure Re-distribution

Being two phases of dis-similar nature, pressure distribution is partial (unlike non-film) however continuous as polymeric gel is soft yet not in jelly form. 

Dual Anti-microbial Coating

First polymeric gel is coated and later outer film. Thus to ensure that even during loss of film during operations, infection control still comply.

Non- Leaky 

Film based Medigel OT Positioners are non-leaky as even if the film is broken after repeated usage, it will remained useful as it doesn't leak. 

Re-use (Dual Cycle)

Film based Medigel OT Positioners can be used repeatedly till its film is broken (first cycle) and even beyond it as non-film product (second cycle) as polymeric gel is REACH certified and completely safe. 

Extended Usage 

In case of Film encapsulated Medigel OT Positioners, once film is broken, can be re-encapsulated at industrial level after repeated usage to extend its utility as film based product.

Hot OT Compatible

Film encapsulated and Non-Film Medigel OT Positioners : both are compatible for usage in Hot Operation Theatres  (operating Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear victims) as these can be decontaminated completely as well as coated with anti-microbial solutions. 

 Discontinuous Pressure Re-distribution

Being two phases of dis-similar nature as well as filled polymer is jelly, discontinuous pressure distribution occurs which progressively worsens with every repeated cycle of usage. 

Non-coated Products

As per survey, most of available variants are not coated with any such anti-microbial sustained coating, however, even in future even coated, it will be limited to outer film only thus dangerous if film is even slightly broken during operations.


Existing jelly encapsulated film based positioners, once broken, should be decommissioned immediately as its sole purpose of pressure distribution is lost.

Film-linked Repeated Usage

Jelly encapsulated film based OT Positioners can be used only till its film is broken and if its broken during operations, released jelly can penetrate into open wounds to cause irritation.

No Possibility of Extended Usage

Once film of 'Film encapsulated jelly based OT Positioners' is broken, or if its structure is deformed,  it should be immediately decommissioned as there is no possibility of extended usage. 

Hot OT Compatibility ??

Existing commercial variants don't claim such compatibility as its film cannot manage corrosive decontamination solution and if film is broken, it will not sustain further. 

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