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Image by Greg Rosenke

Single Continuous Phase vs Film Encapsulated

All the Operation Theatre Positioner Devices are available in two different types. The first is is single continuous phase (non-film) and another variant is polymeric gel encapsulated in high quality film (as similar to commercial variants). Both products use same Medigel technology & variation is just encapsulation with film.

Complete Pressure Re-distribution

Being single phase, there is seamless pressure re-distribution across the device aid in complete prevention of bed sores and frictional impact. 

Direct Anti-microbial Coating

Non-film products are directly coated with anti-microbial coating essential for infection control for sustained protection for  specific period. 

Re-use (Single Cycle)

Being non-film product, post-surgery, the product is sanitized/ sterilized and used again. 

Partial Pressure Re-distribution

Being two phases of dis-similar nature, seamless pre-distribution is not plausible however significant pressure distribution occurs as polymeric gel is not jelly fluid and continuous. 

Dual Anti-Microbial Coating

First polymeric gel is coated and later outer film. Thus to ensure that even during loss of film during operations, infection control still comply.

Re-use (Dual Cycle)

Being Film based product, for first cycle, its outer film is sanitized and used. Its advantageous as once film is broken, it can be continuously used as non-film product. 

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